Bending Division

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Characteristics of High Frequency Bending
  • Free from its forms

    Kjeng’s induction bending doesn’t use any former or mandrel, bending radius and angle is easy to be changed, and various form of bends having single, double and three dimensions can be manufactured without problem.

  • High quality

    Kjeng’s induction bends being made by compression bending mechanism, wall thinning and ovality are smaller than other bending methods.

  • Construction costs saving

    Kjeng’s induction bends being considered as pipeline attached elbows and made of various dimensions, they can reduce the weld joints and construction periods on shop or site, consequently piping costs can be saved.

  • Freedom of design

    Kjeng’s induction bends being free of its forms, radius and angle, they will give you more freedom of piping design than the conventional welding elbows fixed angles such as 45˚&90˚.

Quality Control Activities
  • Destructive Test

  • Wall Thickness Check

  • Hardness Test

  • Ellipticity Check

At advanced bending technologies, our commitment to quality begins with your initial inquiry and does not end until you are completely satisfied with finished product.